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ARtroniks | Phantom Hertz Recordings


ARtroniks is the electronic music project of Belgian producer Arne De Meyer. Starting in 2006 with a couple of synths and drum machines, ARtroniks has proven to be a versatile producer, having made and released tracks covering a wide spectrum of music from ambient, techno and deep house to dubstep and minimal on a slew of labels across the globe. Now he is mainly focusing on the deeper side of dubstep, which melds perfectly with the vision and direction of Phantom Hertz Recordings. His production technique is a synergy of analogue and digital sounds melting together in a unique atmosphere, a result of incorporating both hardware synths and software.

ARtoniks has an impressive an extensive catalog of releases, including a vinyl release on Warriorz Records.

ARtroniks on Soundcloud
ARtroniks on Facebook
ARtroniks on Twitter

Bookings & info: artroniks DOT minimal AT gmail DOT com


May 2011: Foncused EP (DTR 001)
June 2011: K-Concept [ARtroniks Remix] (DTR 002)
Aug 2011: Fancy Talk [ARtroniks Remix] (DTR 007)
Oct 2011: Bassline Skankah (DTR 008)
Oct 2011: Sometimes EP (DIADIG 001)
Dec 2011: Distrezzed EP (DTR 012)
April 2012: 007 ft. Invid (DTR 016)
April 2012: Identity EP (WRZ 003)
June 2012: Dub On Air [ARtroniks Remix] (KFR 002)
July 2012: Cartridges [ARtroniks Remix] (SWS 006)
Oct 2012: Low Voltage Volume 32 (PHZLV 032)
Oct 2012: Decode EP (DTR 020)
Oct 2012: Hazy Days EP (ALT 001)
Nov 2012: Ponk [ARtroniks Remix) (KFR 003)
Nov 2012: Fancy Talk [ARtroniks Remix] (HCR 006)
Dec 2012: Metaphysical ft. BunZer0 (MSEP 008)
Feb 2013: Advantage Of Gravity ft. Gullfisk (VOXED 001)
March 2013: Anomaly EP ft; Mr. Mt (ALT 002)
March 2013: The Deep End Volume One (PH 001)

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